In harmony with nature

Wanderings with a Camera

Having grown up in the Outer Hebrides and been surrounded by endless big skies, turquoise ocean merging to darkest blue, powder white beaches and a never ending abundance of nature then I could say I was spoilt for choice. It was always a desire to try and capture the amazing variety of light and never ending changing scenes.

Everywhere I wander with the camera in hand I know there is always a view, an ancient archaeological site or simply something out of the norm. It is my own moment in time with nature. That split second when you try to capture what you see before your eyes and then capture in your mind before releasing the shutter and saying a silent prayer and hoping the result is what you desired.

The galleries here are an insight to my wanderings across the Hebrides and beyond. They tell a story in themselves of a deep love for the environment and a timeless bond with landscape and nature. They are a reminder of beautiful moments in a pristine environment. Close encounters otters are personal journeys and gaining the trust of these elusive beautiful creatures and a proof that we can be close to nature and live in perfect harmony.

I hope you enjoy these images and that they bring you as much joy as they did me in the taking of them.

Inspired Notes

As part of my journeys out into the beautiful and beyond I am always captivated by the sheer ambiance and fragility of the scenery and how it reinvigorates the soul. I try to seek the words to express what I see and what I feel. These are the emotional connections to what I have just captured on the camera. I call it the double dimension and where mind and heart combine.

Through these notes, I try to compose pieces of writing inspired by those moments and straight from thought. I hope it's inspiring

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